New E-Book on China’s Current and Future Tourism Development Published

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COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute provides English translation of key text by famous Chinese tourism researcher Zhang Guangrui

August 28, 2013

Heide, Germany

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute has launched its first eBook “China’s Tourism Development: Situation, Analysis and Future Perspectives 2013” in the new COTRI China outbound tourism book series, with more titles to come in the coming months.

The author of this new publication, Zhang Guangrui, is a pioneer for tourism research in China and considered the doyen of China’s tourism experts. Within the text Prof. Zhang presents a profound analysis of the critical issues of the current and future development of China’s tourism from an informed yet inquisitive perspective. He also points out the growing interrelation between inbound, domestic, and outbound tourism and the correlation between tourism development and the overall economic and political development of the People’s Republic of China. One of his conclusions are that: “If China has spent most of the time during the past three decades on learning from others to push forward the reform, in time to come, China should put more emphasis on innovation.”

Amongst the detailed, yet intriguing analysis, are chapters that deal with the link between new technologies and the promotion of tourism development, the changing levels of attention paid to tourism by central and local Chinese governments and a section highlighting the “eight major problems in China’s tourism development”.
Prof. Zhang’s paper analyses the basic features of China’s tourism development in the last two years, streamlines some of the major existing issues and tendencies and looks into and investigates the future progress, or lack thereof, of China’s tourism development.

Despite all problems, the author concludes his text on an optimistic note: “The decade 2011-2020 is a decade when China’s tourism may become more mature and well developed, and the tourism development should contribute to realise the goals of a Beautiful China and a well-off life.”

China’s Tourism Development: Situation, Analysis and Future Perspectives 2013 can be purchased from or from for €25. The text will also be published in printed form. Regardless, if the text is read from a rectangular shaped device made of glass, plastic or plain old-fashioned paper the reader will certainly gain new insights.

COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is the world’s leading independent research institute for information, training, quality assessment, research, and consulting relating to the Chinese outbound tourism market.

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